Our Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:


We provide our customers with the necessary tools to add value in diagnostic processes and the fight against epidemics.


Vision Statement:


Medical Diagnostech strives to provide high quality first-to-world diagnostic products and solutions that will assist in fighting difficult-to-diagnose diseases and epidemics. Through our knowledge, experience, and value creating strategies we strive to readily make available cost effective innovative diagnostic products and solutions.


Our Founding Principles

To create value for our customers


  • To supply consistently high quality products at reasonable prices to all our customers.
  • To introduce new and improved products, which can result in improvements in detection and treatment of health problems.


To create value for the communities


  • To always contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which we operate.
  • To protect the environment in which we and our customers operate, to pay our taxes diligently and to endeavour to contribute positively to the development of the local economy in which we operate.


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