Services We Provide

Diagnostic Products

We manufacture our own high quality rapid diagnostic test kits using our trade secret methodology for increased sensitivity and early detection.

Product Development

We offer manufacturing and development services for new innovative lateral flow components and test kits as well other medical related products including sanitizers and surgical scrubs.

Why Medical Diagnostech?

We strive for excellence through R&D of optimized trade secret formulations. These formulations cannot be reverse engineered and are the key to our cost effective high quality products.  These unique technologies gives superiority of our products in terms of sensitivity, specificity, and stability. This has been independently confirmed internationally and the tests have shown to conform to the most demanding standards. As a result, our products are trusted by companies which are leaders in their respective markets. We are also committed to competitive pricing. We have been serving clients for over ten years and our local and international client base is growing rapidly.


Product development process


In this phase the prototype is further developed so that it consistently and reproducibly meets product requirements. Each component is examined to identify optimal conditions and to minimize variability.


We will design a feasibility study based on set specifications and test the product in the desired format. During this stage we will create and evaluate prototypes, at the end of this phase a report will be generated.


Verification studies are performed on the product in line with the final manufacturing methodology. This phase provides objective data to demonstrate that the supporting product claims have been achieved. Validation studies are performed to ensure that the final product meets specifications and suitable for the intended use.

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Diagnostic Products