MD Malaria P.f. /Pan (pLDH)

(Kit of 25 tests for professional use)

  • 25 Single pouched test cassettes and desiccant
  • 25 Disposable blood collection devices
  • 25 Sterile swipes
  • 25 Lancets
  • 1 Reaction Buffer 5ml
  • 1 Instructions for use

COVID-19 Self Test FAQ:

There are three reasons why this could happen. Firstly, a PCR test is known to be more sensitive and can therefore detect the virus at a lower concentration compared to antigen tests. Secondly, the sample taken for PCR would most likely have been taken at a later time whereby the virus would have had more time to incubate and increase in viral concentration. Lastly, PCR tests are known to detect residual viral RNA long after infection and may detect inactive virus.

In most cases this occurs due to user error where the person doing the testing uses components, such as running buffer, swabs or mixing tubes, from the other brands test, or if the incorrect procedure was followed, such as adding too much buffer onto the test. An inaccurate result may also occur if the kits were stored at incorrect temperatures (either freezing temperatures or in extreme heat). If you believe the test is producing erroneous results, report this to the shop where the test was bought. infection and may detect inactive virus.

The running buffer and test strip contain the preservative Sodium Azide which is carcinogenic, and touching these with your hands should be avoided. If the test is used in accordance with the user instructions, you should not come into contact with either the extraction buffer or the test strip. Should you accidentally come into contact with the extraction buffer or test strip, simply wash your hands with soap and water.

If a line appears at the test line region, irrespective of line intensity, this indicates that the result is positive. A faint line implies that the virus is present in the sample at a low concentration. This will most likely occur at the very beginning of infection during the incubation phase, or at the very end of infection when the immune system is clearing the body of infection.

The test should be read at the 15-minute reading time and not after. After 15-30 minutes, the liquid which flowed across the strip may start to flow back and cause the red conjugate to settle on the test line. This is known as backflow and may or may not happen depending on environmental temperature and humidity.

Place all the test kit components into the biohazard bag provided after you have completed administering the test. Seal the bag and safely dispose it in a waste receptacle.

Please return the test kit to the pharmacy where you purchased it to be replaced with a new test kit.

If the test is expired, they should return it to the shop where they bought it.

If you spill the buffer, please contact the manufacturer as shown on the packaging to obtain another sample.

If you drop the swab, please contact the manufacturer as shown on the packaging to obtain another sample.

HealthPulse TestNow FAQ:

The app is currently only available for download in South Africa. Search for the HealthPulse TestNow app in the store to install.

Include links to the app in the store here

Your phone may require an operating system (OS) update. The minimum OS versions supported are iOS 13 and Android 6. After verifying your phone is up to date, check that you have enough storage on your phone to install the app. To check storage availability on your phone:

● On Android: Go to Settings / Storage (navigation may vary based on device).
● On iOS: Go to Settings / General / iPhone Storage.

If you’re still having trouble, contact support.

If there is a critical update to the app that is required, you will be prompted to update as soon as you open the TestNow app.

Currently the app is optimized only for phones. While you can install it on tablets, the experience may not be optimized for this form factor.

While the app is not required, TestNow should be used to complete your test with confidence. It offers:

● Step-by-step instructions to complete your test – from administration to interpretation
● Helpful tools like timers to track test processing times
● A history of the tests you completed on your phone

During the 15-minute processing time, you may switch to using other apps on your phone while leaving TestNow running in the background. After the timer completes, take a photo and interpret the test within a few minutes to ensure that your result is valid.

If your phone won’t scan the code, try the following:

○ Move the phone closer or further away from the cassette.
○ If the app still cannot scan the code, tap Skip and enter the lot and expiration information manually on the Code not scanned screen.

To take a high quality photo of the test, follow the tips on the bottom of the Test ready to capture screen.

If you are still unable to capture a high quality photo, try the following:

○ Clean the phone camera lens per manufacturer guidance.
○ Retake the photo with the camera flash turned on – see image below.

To keep data on your phone secure, having a passcode to open the phone is recommended.

■ On Android: Go to Settings / Security and select a screen lock mechanism.
■ On iOS: Go to Settings / Face ID & Passcode and set a passcode.

It means that there is data on your phone from a prior test which is not yet uploaded. To ensure data is uploaded, you need a reliable internet connection.

○ If you see the Data Pending Upload banner on the Home screen, keep the app visible on your screen and connected to the internet until that banner disappears (especially for iOS phones).
○ If the banner won’t go away, try force quitting and reopening the app. (Android, iOS)

The app is recommended to be run on devices with at least 512MB of RAM. Performance can suffer on phones that do not meet these specifications.

Any tests run on the phone that were completed (i.e. result of positive, negative, or invalid was selected) will show in your test history.

Data entered in the app is shared only with the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) to inform COVID-19 pandemic responses in communities throughout South Africa. Here is a link to read more in our Please refer to our privacy policy:
Please reach out to to request removal of your records.
The HealthPulse TestNow terms of use can be viewed in our end-user license agreement:
If you are in South Africa, latest guidelines from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) can be found at their COVID-19 Prevention page.

Questions about my test kit

If you have specific questions about your test kit such as “What should I do if my kit is expired?” or “What if my kit is missing components?”, please refer to the Medical Diagnostech rapid test FAQ here: